AQPERE is proud to introduce itself to the world as a key player in the promotion of environmental education (EE) in Quebec and on the French-speaking stage. Entering into its 20th year of existence, this organization has been instrumental in ensuring the integration of EE into Quebec’s new school curriculum.

AQPERE has become the preeminent reference in French-speaking North America on matters pertaining to environmental education, the raison d’être of this World Congress. Present at every level of the Quebec education system, it contributes in a very tangible and real way to furthering EE in Quebec. Recognized as a non-profit organization by Quebec’s Department of Sustainable Development, the Environment and Parks, AQPERE is active throughout the province, representing its members, promoting their interests, supporting their projects and disseminating their tools and resources via its network and monthly e-newsletter Int’  

To contact us:

6400 16th Ave.
Montréal, Quebec
H1X 2S9
Tel.: 514 376 1065
Fax: 514 376 1905

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