Artistic approaches to environmental education

This presentation shares the results of an innovative curriculum development research project into environmental art education in Canadian schools. Also known as eco-art education, this emerging field develops awareness of and engagement with environmental concepts and issues through artistic and aesthetic means. It promises an innovative approach to environmental education and ecological literacy, one that balances the traditional roots of these disciplines (found in science education) with the creative, affective and sensory approaches of art education. This session presents the results of a study involving a team of school and university-based educators who worked together to create new models for eco-art learning. The collaborative action research framework offered a unique opportunity for the team to generate and exchange practical and theoretical expertise to plan, implement, observe and reflect on eco-art curricula over the span of a school year. This presentation will summarize the results of their work, the first study of its kind, and provide insights into the role that artistic learning can and should play in environmental education.