The implementation of sustainable development management into the education process in conditions of Slovak Republic

This topic treats of organizing elements of education of sustainable development in the curricular documents of Slovak schools, whereby it is going out from contents analysis of these documents. The analysis was aimed at curricular documents, which set the target, contents of study and demands for students, thus to curricula and the study standards.

A school system reformation start in the present day in Slovakia on .

The reason for curriculum analysis and education standards analysis, is that they are still valid, and still taught according these documents, and they are a basement of making new curricular documents.

The outcome is a proposal of strategy - sustainable development to education, implementation.

The point of this strategy is demarcate a vision, basic targets and tasks, verification and set some concrete possibilities and methods of implementation of sustainable development into the process of education of concrete school.

Conditions for Eco-literacy level increasing shape up by the sustainable development implementation into education processes not only for teachers but also for students.

Parents and a schools employed are affected at second hand too.