What's in your water?

Water quality is an issue in many rural and First Nations communities across Canada. It is vitally important to educate students regarding water issues as they will be tomorrow's leaders. There are questions that need to be asked, such as "How these communities can achieve the highest possible quality of drinking water?", and "Why does Canada not have NATIONAL regulations in place for drinking water that are upheld by law?" Also, "Why is Canada a well-developed country that continues to vote “No” at the United Nations when asked to recognize water as a basic human right?" Obviously, the drinking water situation in Canada needs to be drastically improved. To help educate students, the Safe Drinking Water Foundation has developed five environmental education programs: Operation Water Drop (OWD), Operation Water Pollution (OWP), Operation Water Spirit (OWS), Operation Water Flow (OWF), and Operation Water Health (OWH). OWD allows students to conduct hands-on tests to analyze various water samples; teachers use the OWP program to teach students about water pollution and how to reverse the effects of water pollution; OWH teaches students about the health effects of poor quality drinking water and asks the question of what is more cost-effective, treating or preventing illness or the disease? OWF encourages the cross-curricular instruction of students regarding safe drinking water issues through lessons in math and social studies, and OWS invites teachers and students to learn about water issues from an Aboriginal perspective. Schools across Canada participate in these programs, along with the States (NSTA.