Projecto Rios a tool for a more ecological society (Northern Portugal)

Rivers and streams in Portugal face many problems, especially the lack of involvement by the population and the lack of knowledge by the technicians and decision makers.

The Projecto Rios is a tool that aims the adoption and monitoring of a river section, promoting society's awareness for the problems and the need of protection and recovery of the riparian systems.

It's main goal is the adoption of a 500 meter section of a river, contributing this way for the implementation of rehabilitation plans for the rivers and streams, with the involvement and accountability of all the civil comunity, aiming the sustained development, the education for citizenship and local and regional growth.

The Projecto Rios stands on a simple but thorough observation methodology with easy application and development. With the aid of a complete kit of materials, manual, identifications forms and inquires, granted freely, the groups assume the responsibility of vigilance and protection of their selected river section. Everyone can participate.

In this study (aqui poderá ser paper) are shown some of the results obtained in Portugal with the implementation of the Projecto Rios in the promotion for environmental education, public participation and the linking of the community to it's water flows.

Since it's implementation in Portugal the Projecto Rios has been well received by the community and there are more and more groups adopting river sections all over the country.