Awareness on the climate change phenomenon among rural communities of central Kenya: Improving adaptation and sustainability through education

A study was carried out in Nyeri North, district of central Kenya with the objective of investigating the level of awareness on the climate change phenomena among the rural communities. The methodology involved administering pre-tested questionnaires to a randomly chosen population of 300 adult farmers. Results showed that less than 10% of the respondents were aware of the existence of the climate change phenomenon. However majority (74%) were agreed that rainfall and drought patterns had changed drastically in recent years and determination of when to plant had became difficult. 66% of the respondents reported having been victims of at least one crop failure over the past five years. The paper concludes that failure by farmers is to recognize the climate change phenomenon has led to low adaptability and vulnerability to its effects. This is a factor that is contributing to increased poverty and is a major cause of unsustainable development as people turn to exploitation of marginal resources. The paper recommends the need for rural environment education (formal or informal) outreach programmed on climate change. The resultant awareness will improve adaptation and lead to sustainable actions.