Beyond the school

We would like to introduce a successful educational project which comes up with an innovative teaching material based on the project and interdisciplinary teaching and which has become an approved valuable teaching and learning resource for modern education systems.

When the “Beyond the School” project was created, no one knew it was going to be accepted by the hundreds of schools in the Czech Republic, 6 European countries and will be given the following awards: European Comenius Award, Award of Ministry of culture in Budapest and has been selected as an important part of national virtual cultural heritage.

The idea is simple, but extremely effective. Using historic photos of local places and objects, students search for identical places and record the changes which have taken place by taking new photographs using digital cameras. The project coordinator discuss with the students the topics that they wish to explore, and the activities that they will undertake.

The project helps encourage young people to take a greater interest in their local areas and get closer to the local community. The uniqueness of this project is that it crosses curriculum combining many aspects developing key competences of the students, IT skills, teamwork, presentation skills, and cross-generation talks.

Aimed at the younger generation the project is highlighted by modern e-learning technologies.

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