The how-to for authentic youth engagement


Drawing on the energy of youth volunteers and the mentoring of youth advisors, this national Youth Engagement committee will offer insight into what works and what doesn’t work when wishing to engage youth in sustainable education activities, inside and outside the classroom.


The three main objectives of the workshop are:

1. Identifying and addressing the needs and barriers experienced by environmental NGOs (ENGOs) attempting to work with youth.

2. Addressing key strategies involving youth in program evaluations, focus groups, committees, projects, governance etc

3. Providing practical, useable ideas and materials for the use of ENGOs in the development and delivery of their programs to classrooms across the country.


The youth will share insight and successes that support their authentic engagement, such as including mentoring, writing of articles, sharing of ideas, and managing resources. The workshop will also highlight the success of the Youth Engagement Committee and its ability to become sustainable in terms of energy and commitment by having previous youth volunteers lead the committee in a formal capacity. This workshop will be hands on and will include activities that encourage participants to reflect on their experiences working with Youth. Youth will be directing and facilitating many activities and participants will have the opportunity to ask these youth experts questions about youth engagement.


To provide environmental NGOs and teachers with an authentic experience so they may increase their level of youth engagement within their classrooms, their organizations and their programs. Participants will gain practical knowledge and ideas on how to improve youth engagement at various levels (from grass roots to committee levels). The energy and motivation will leave all participants empowered to reach out to youth.