Partnership for education for sustainable future

Globalisation and its complementing forces have given rise to complex cultural, economic, and political interdependencies amongst spatially separated communities. This change in global landscape of relations has given rise to new challenges and opportunities from an environmental perspective. Tackling the increasing complexity of environmental issues necessitates a global and holistic perspective to gain understanding of local issues. Adequately addressing these issues that arise from globalization can not be achieved working solely at the individual and local level. There is an increasing need to partner, share and access information; and develop innovative platforms for knowledge sharing. Global partnership projects between communities, stakeholders and organizations are central to development of a global perspective in environmental education activities.

This NGO forum will share experiences on global partnerships for environmental education. The forum will be led by the Centre for Environment Education (CEE), India; an international organization committed to improve awareness and understanding of the environment and sustainable development, with affiliates in four countries. Partners to the forum will be the North American Association for Environmental Education and the UNESCO - Chair for Reorienting Teacher Education, York University. Three partners will share their experiences on new forms of global partnership and their collective experience. The forum will culminate by scaling-up existing global environmental education initiatives especially between South-Asia and North America.

The NGO forum will present cases of global partnership programmes for schools, higher/university education, community education, working with business/industry and municipalities, and, developing tools for promoting sustainable practices. In the above key areas, partners will share their experiences from global projects. Taking this opportunity CEE, will launch its affiliate in Canada to consolidate partnership with North America.