Are you afraid of the dark? Exploring the night environment through movement

Weather it is for a couple of hours, nearly half the day or 24 hours at a time, every corner of the globe experiences the environment of night. Yet with this global experience of night comes the realities and fears such as of the loss of the night sky and violence in darkness. These realities and fears prompt the question: Are you afraid of the dark?

The objective of the workshop is to tackle these issues by bringing to light the complexities of the topic “night environment”. The night is an under discussed area of environmental education and this workshop aims to bring night issues to the foreground. In doing so we will explore the ways that the embodied movement arts (such as dance and theatre) can be used to illuminate nighttime environmental education. The workshop focuses on urban settings; however, many of the techniques can be transferred to rural areas as well. Embodied movement will be approached as a method of creating awareness and change, aiming to mobilize people through movement arts and give participants tools to highlight and transform night environments in their community into safe places.

The structure of the workshop follows the creative process used by dancer/choreographer Zita Nyarady in the creation of her dance/theatre piece “Are you afraid of the dark? And other tales of the night”. In a series of movement experiences participants will be asked to share stories and observations to physically imagine and re-imagine what night environments can be with out fear. Using the outcome of this creative process experiences we will collectively create a dance-theatre performance that will be used to transform a nighttime space.