The rainbow shell-spiral

-A 3dimensional Art workshop for children by using mostly recycling materials

-An installation with lighting, sounds and video projection.

….for centuries we draw on the earth without return it back, we break fundamental natural law and disturb the harmonious balance of our planet, We used to live with the circular rhythm of creation but today we have a linear connection to the time by trying to control it because it gives us a sense of existential security , by that we go against the natural law and our destiny.

Without to lose our cultural achievements and by gradual awakening we can change our attitude and drive our beautiful planet to a harmonious future...……………



• To stimulate children to develop environmental sensitivity

To learn and use recycling materials.

Learn to work in a team.

To learn to work in 3 dimensional.

To share a common experience.

To create a piece of Art.


-Introduction about the use of materials and the construction of the shell.

-Short games (to build up a team).

-Split in 6 groups.

-Each group will have to make a part of the sell

-Cover with color paper or any transparent material and paint on it.

(Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, ultramarine.)

-Connect the parts.

-Put lights (LED) and sound inside.

-One by one each child goes inside of the spiral.

- - The shell-labyrinth -experience for the children could be a potent practice of Self-Integration as it encapsulates the spiralling journey in and out. On the journey in, towards the centre, one cleanses the dirt from the road. On the journey out, one is born a new to consciously dwell in a human body, made holy by having got a taste of the Infinite Centre…….