ENSI environment and school initiatives international network as a well recognised partner in school development

ENSI Environment and School Initiatives International Network as a well recognised partner in school development.

Christine Affolter, Switzerland, Vice President ENSI

Michela Mayer, Italy, ENSI executive

Reiner Mathar, Germany, ENSI executive

1. Presentation of the ENSI network and its 23 years of contribution to EE and to ESD.

ENSI in this more then 20 years networking produced many successful research and implementation initiatives, which were future leading as well as for EE as for ESD. ENSI characteristics features the collaboration between research, educational authorities, teachers training institutions and schools. This unique working cooperation generates a common understanding of values, concepts, research and educational methodologies. ENSI is mainly based in Europe but reaches out to Asia and Australia as well. The last ENSI research projects dealt with Quality Criteria for ESD schools, Teachers competencies for ESD, the use of ICT in ESD networking, and Learning Environments. An international network of junior researchers on ESD has been recently launched.

2. ENSI's working methodology will be performed on the example of the Quality Criteria for ESD schools research. The publication on Quality Criteria was internationally recognised by UNECE and UNESCO, and the school focused booklet was translated in 20 languages, and it became an international used tool for school development.

3. The workshop will discuss future leading questions on quality development on the way towards ESD schools, not only on the level of school management, but also on the level of teaching and learning concepts, broad learning environments, and internal/external relationship. Schools are proposed as learning organisations, and core of community changes, in a permanent changing world.