Teachers' experience of changing teaching teachers meet the bridge between the local and the global classroom learning towards sustainability

The purpose of the study is to analyze and describe how teachers' experience of changing teaching meeting the bridge between the local and the global classroom learning towards sustainability. The paper presents an analysis of how teachers on a global network programme (Young Masters Programme) in the area of sustainable development experience their changing roles. Such teaching, as analysed from written responses to open interview questions, is characterised as complex and multidisciplinary in a global context. Young Masters Programme is a net-based global course in the field of sustainable development. Data as written answers on interview questions from participating teachers has been collected and analyzed with a phenomenographic approach. Research data consists of the teachers´ reported experiences. The study shows that many of the participating teachers see the complexity of the education for sustainable development in a global context, Global Learning for Sustainable Development (GLSD), and prefer to teach multidisciplinary with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in a global network. In general the teachers changed their education prominently by gaining new experiences. They met new challenges and created a learning culture grounded on cooperation in the extended global classroom. Subject, learning process and relations form a whole and functions as a didactical context of contemporary education, recognized by increasing complexity and didactic shifts in paradigm, which might contribute to the transformation and development of quality-aiming fundamental structures and learning environments in societies as of today.