“Montréal the metropolis has everything a big city can offer. But Montréal is also one-of-a-kind, a multicultural city that blends its French accent with that of over 80 other ethnic communities and charms visitors with its Euro-American ambiance. Its downtown bustles with life at the foot of its mountain, while history is rooted in the old quarters near the river.” (Official tourist site of the Government of Québec, 2008)

In 2007, thanks to the support of a broad network of formal and informal educational organizations mobilized around the issues of environmental education and sustainable development, Montréal was officially recognized as a Regional Centre of Expertise in Sustainable Development by the United Nations University. That was all it took to secure Montréal’s selection as the host city for this 5th World Environmental Education Congress.

With its rich architectural heritage, exceptional parks and gardens, vast network of underground walkways, wide array of museums and wealth of fine restaurants featuring the flavours of the world, Montréal is sure to charm you!

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“Deeply rooted in the soil of North America and fiercely proud of its French heritage, Québec is a delightful blend of the Old and New Worlds. (…) Over the years, many other groups from around the world have arrived to complete the cultural tapestry, joining the descendants of the French and English settlers who came before them.(…) By reason of its history and culture, Québec has forged a unique and unaffected personality. (…) With its entire southern portion dissected by the St. Lawrence, one of the largest rivers in the world, Québec is graced with an incredible variety of landscapes.”
(Official tourist site of the Government of Québec, 2008)

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“Stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic and deep into the Arctic, Canada is a big country, with a lot of places to experience. Rugged mountain peaks and soft sandy beaches. Bustling cosmopolitan cities surrounded by quiet cozy villages. Historic sites brimming with authentic traditions and stories from the past. Galleries showcasing modern works and masters of Canadiana. Innovative attractions to delight the imagination. Diverse and endlessly engaging. Canada is made for exploring.”
(Canadian Tourism Commission, 2006)

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