The Congress Team

The Corporation

The 5th World Environmental Education Congress is a non-profit corporation legally constituted under Part III of the Quebec Companies Act since June 29, 2007.

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee is composed of representatives of the various partners involved in the organization of this Congress. Working in close collaboration with the General Coordinator , and JPdL, a firm specialized in convention planning and organization, the Organizing Committee oversees the general planning and logistics of the event, ensures compliance with ethical guidelines and handles communications between the partners and the media. This committee is responsible for planning and ensuring the smooth running of all Congress activities.

Committee members: Thérèse Baribeau (Environment Canada’s Biosphere), Nicolas Bastien, Grant Gardner (EECOM), Éliane Houle, Geneviève Leclerc (JPdL), Robert Litzler (AQPERE), Lucie Sauvé (Chaire de recherche du Canada en éducation relative à l’environnement), Jacques Tremblay (Ville de Montréal). 

Committee includes the following three sub-committees: Funding, Communications and Eco-responsibility.

Communications Committee

This committee’s mandate is to develop a detailed communications plan and see to its application from now to the end of the Congress.

The website and all other online tools are managed by the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) Audio-visual Department. UQAM’s Communications Services also supports the committee.

The signature, logo and promotional tools for the Congress are the work of Andra Profir, artistic director for the communications firm of the same name.

Committee members : Jennifer-Jeanny Desrochers, Laurence Brière, Geneviève Leclerc, Éliane Houle, Nicolas Bastien, Dominique Line Blondeau, Isabelle Beaudin.

Eco-responsibility Committee

This committee’s mandate is to establish the ethical guidelines and develop an action plan for holding an eco-responsible event, and to ensure this plan is applied throughout the various stages of preparing for and carrying out this Congress. The committee is supported by the Réseau québécois des femmes en environnement (RQFE) and the Réseau des Éco-quartiers of Montréal.

Committee members: Nicolas Bastien (eco-consultant), France Levert (Hydro-Québec), Mélanie McDonald (RQFE), Lissa Morotti (Environnement Canada’s Biosphere), Phedia Gottot (JPdL), Élizabeth Viens (Réseau des Éco-quartiers).

ONG Forum Committee

Committee members : Mamadou Bhoye Bah, Assiatou Diallo, Éliane Houle, Robert Litzler (AQPERE), Éric Richard (les Amis de la montagne).

Parallel Activities Actors

Festival of Environmental Storytelling : Thierry Pardo (UQAM)

CinEE : Jean-Philippe Vermette (UQAM) and Marie-Ève Grignon

Eco-Show : Éliane Houle and Isabelle Dupras

Children of the World : Nathalie Robitaille and Louis Aubin


Congress logistics have been entrusted to the firm JPdL.