This section introduces you to the work of our Eco-responsibility Committee and will be enhanced by educational capsules throughout the preparation of this Congress.

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Educational Capsules

Actions we can all take to help make this a successful eco-responsible event:

Did you know that ...

Aluminum manufacturing is one of the industries that consumes the most electricity? Yet, using recycled aluminum to produce an aluminum can takes 95% less energy (Source: Recyc-Québec). By recycling 50 aluminum cans, we are able to save some eight kilos of bauxite, four kilos of chemicals and 14 KW/h of electricity. Once recovered, this aluminum can be used to manufacture a variety of products: more cans, wrapping paper, garden furniture, containers, construction materials, car parts (cylinder heads, wheel rims, gear boxes, etc.), and so on. (Source : Recyc-Québec).