This section introduces you to the work of our Eco-responsibility Committee and will be enhanced by educational capsules throughout the preparation of this Congress.

This eco-responsible event is broutght to you by

A policy of eco-responsibility

Whereas environmental education is at the very center of the work of the Eco-responsibility Committee.

Whereas a large-scale event like the 5th World Environmental Education Congress has significant social and environmental impacts.

We commit to adopting measures to help mitigate the negative and enhance the positive impacts of this Congress on the environment and on society.

We commit to fostering social inclusion and responsible consumption.

We will ensure these commitments are taken into consideration at every stage of the planning, organization and presentation of this Congress and in all decisions regarding the procurement of products and services.

We will seek to reduce energy and water consumption, atmospheric emissions and waste to the greatest extent possible.

The work of this committee will be conducted in accordance with these stated principles and with a view to achieving concrete action.

Eco-Responsibilty guide of the Palais des congrès de Montréal